Jet Engine School Bus Indy Boys Ridiculous

The folks over at Indy Boys, Inc. cook up some fantastic and ridiculous hot rod, er, stuff.  For example, they have the uber fast port o let.  You know, the transportable crapper.  But I prefer the 42,000 horsepower School Time school bus.  That’s thanks to the GE J-79 jet engine that they grabbed out of a F4 Phantom.  So what if it burns 150 gallons of fuel in a 1/4 mile.  It’s the best way to go 370 mph in a school bus!


Altec Lansing Light Bulb Speaker

Here comes a nifty idea.  Castiglione Morelli has designed a light bulb that contains a speaker.  I don’t think the bulb is operational.  But this would allow anyone to pipe music through their home very easily.

Motorola’s Hot Droid X Smartphone Initial Impresssions

Motorola really struck it golden with the timing and delivery of their Droid X phone.  Especially since Steve Jobs is being an arrogant whiner and not owning the iPhone 4 issues.  Yeah, more of a PR move, but that’s another story.  What we have here is one heck of a gadget!

Lacie XtremeKey USB Key

For some of us, a dainty, plastic USB key is way too subtle and girlie to carry around.  Maybe you are techie who also likes to jump dirt bikes, slalom, free base, etc.  Whatever it is that would endanger your data, Lacie’s Xtremekey should take care of it.

Adjustable Gourmet Burger Press

Okay, it’s that time of year when you want to get out there and get your grilling on.  What a better way to show off your grillin skillz than using this adjustable gourmet burger press.

Leatherman Style CS Multi Tool

Doesn’t seem like you never have the tool when you need it.  This is especially true when you are away from home.  Leatherman’s Style CS gives you what you need and does it in a very cool looking frame.

LED Lit Bocce Ball Set

Up your game of Bocce ball.  Playing during daylight is so yesterday.  Light up the Bocce balls, and you are ready for hours of night time enjoyment.

CH Hanson 03040 STUD4SURE Magnetic Stud Finder

The timing on finding this product seriously could not have been better.  I have had two stud finders and honestly, they are both terrible.  I have been completely disappointed in their prediction rates.  The funny thing about CH Hanson’s Stud4Sure Stud Finder is that it is utterly simple – and works well.

X-47B Stealth Drone Aircraft

Stealth drones incite absolute fear into the enemy.  Honestly, if I were an enemy combatant, I would hate drones.  They are quiet, deadly, and unrelenting.  Think terminator in the sky.  In any case, Northrop Grumman recently announced the X-47B.  What’s so special about he X-47B?  Well, it can be launched from aircraft carriers, can refuel … Continue reading

Solio Rocksta Portable Solar Charger

This day and age we want to take our mobile electronics with us everywhere.  And, honestly, sometimes having that cellphone or GPS unit could be the difference between life and death.  Well, Solio has the Rocksta portable solar charger that may fit the bill.