Emotiv Epoc Headset Enables Thought Controlled Apps

How many times have you thought that if you couldn’t only think something to happen.  You know, like telekinesis – moving stuff with your mind.  Well, Emotiv have brought that one step closer to reality with the Epoc headset.

This is interesting because I know the military sunk untold millions into thought controlled aircraft in the past.  On a tangent, have you ever drove somewhere and then forgotten how you got there?  Could you imagine a thought controlled aircraft or car when this happens?  Heck, you could end up in the ocean on both counts!  Anyway, here is a video demonstrating the headset.  It’s pretty crazy:

I think the video shows a prototype or earlier version.  You can grab it for $299 now.  I’m sure there will be more games and apps coming down the pipe.

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