Cravendale Sour Milk Sensing Jug

We all hate sour milk.  Babies cry over it.  Riots have been started because of it.  Come to think of it, wars might have been created because of sour milk.  Have no fear, Cravendale will stop those senseless wars with its new Sour Milk Sensing Jug.  Well, at least that’s what I call it.

Cravendale states:

“Cravendale has worked with experts in a commitment to reduce this British milk lake, which is the equivalent of over 373 Olympic swimming pools by almost a third [3]. The key causes of milk wastage are over-serving (150,000 tonnes per annum) and throwing away products because they have not been used in time (170,000 tonnes per annum) [4]“

That’s a lot of milk.  So, what Cravendale has done is come up with a milk jug that detects the PH level in the milk and gives you a fresh or sour output.  They state:

“A new innovative alarm system which alerts the drinker to when the milk has soured…”

Now, what is this new and innovative alarm system?  I hope it features a man dressed in a cow suit running and screaming into your kitchen.  Really, I do.

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