CH Hanson 03040 STUD4SURE Magnetic Stud Finder

The timing on finding this product seriously could not have been better.  I have had two stud finders and honestly, they are both terrible.  I have been completely disappointed in their prediction rates.  The funny thing about CH Hanson’s Stud4Sure Stud Finder is that it is utterly simple – and works well.

So, all you need to do is put this bad boy on the wall, move it in a figure eight motion and feel it pull.  It will stick to the wall because of the rare earth magnets.  Yes, they are strong.  If you are worried about a false positive, just do it again, up or down the plumb line.  Just make sure it’s on level, and start hammering your nail for hanging whatever you want to hang.  Seriously, it’s that easy.  Great product for $12.

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