Bosch TAS6515UC Tassimo Single-Serve Coffee Brewer

Single-serve coffee brewing systems are all the rage right now.  That’s because they are so convenient for individual portions.  The Bosch Tassimo shows that good technology can brew a superior cup of Joe.

The biggest drawback that you are going to hear is that the T disks aren’t as available as the K cups.  But I think that is going to be quickly remedied.  All it is going to take is a little time on the market.  The overwhelming consensus on the Bosch Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Brewing System is that it rocks.  The barcode reader tailors the brew for each kind of coffee.  This allows an exactness that is unrivaled.  Numerous brands are coming online and users are really happy with the results.

And, at $200, this brew meister will be a welcome addition for any coffee aficionado that doesn’t want to sacrifice on taste.

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